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Who is Emma Mackey, Maeve in 'Sex Education'?

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Sex Education: Emma Mackey hints that she won’t return for season four

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She has never had a French passport When Emma was seven, she was set to leave France the minute she turned 18, and she did.

  • Spiky but empathetic, brilliant but overlooked, Maeve is the kind of role actresses crave: She's a love interest whose most captivating scenes happen outside the orbit of her romances.

  • Everyone is sort of at a level where we've got a solid foundation, and now we can play with it and make it more naturalistic.

Emma Mackey has gotten a positive response for her performance.

  • Her most recent film just released in France, a French-language romance called Eiffel where she plays a fictional muse for Paris' Eiffel Tower.

  • And I think… it must bring up a lot of old trauma, and the idea of cycles and giving to the next generation a better life, and all of these quite huge topics that I think are very important.

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